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Constant Contact “YOU’RE INVITED” Template

We recommend using this new Constant Contact header above to send out your email about Brad’s next free webinar to your contact base.  The team at Constant Contact has uploaded a variety of new template headers onto the landing page, so now you have easy access to whatever template you want to work on.

Remember, directing your email campaigns through Constant Contact not only gives you access to all of these new templates (and more we’ll be adding) … it also allows you:

  • Multiple sends to your database
  • A way to “bypass” our own “restricted” number of email sends from our servers … in a way that is compliant
  • Have the ability to track a wide range of metrics, including sends, opens, bounce rates and more
  • Gives you options to tie into social media platforms, event management systems and other automated systems in one easy-to-use portal

So, how can you sign up for Constant Contact to get your hands on all this great new material?

Or … (better yet) how can you shift your current Constant Contact account over under our ActionCOACH “umbrella” to gain access to the branded templates?

It’s simple …

1)  If you currently use Constant Contact, you can easily shift your account under the ActionCOACH “umbrella” – just contact our Representative, Caitlin Perry at Email: and she will move your account.

2) Or, if you want to “test” the system before making a long-term commitment, you can sign up through these affiliate links:

Sign up for Constant Contact today to get access to great content, simple systems and the best way to keep your “touches” up to your ever-growing database of prospects, suspects and clients!

Feel free to also contact our ActionCOACH representative to assist you with any questions that you have.

Caitlin Perry
Communication Consultant
Constant Contact
Waltham, MA 02451

Phone: (855) 778-5761 or 781-482-7177

To Schedule a Coaching Session with Caitlin today, Click Here

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to create and send your email using Constant Contact.  If you want to go directly to “HOW TO FIND YOUR UNIQUE AFFILIATE URL”, go to 6:45 minutes into this video.

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