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We have an UNBELIEVABLE OFFER for you as an Affiliate Profit Masters Coach…

Would you like to provide Brad Sugars’ Profit Masters to each and every single client you have for only $15 per client per month?

Now you have this opportunity to purchase 10 Profit Masters user accounts @ $15 per month = A total of only $150 per month…

Here’s what a few coaches are saying about using this program…

“I have been using Profit Masters for the last few months both for myself as well as with clients. It’s easy to use and navigate. One of the features I like most is being able to print out certain topics for use with clients. It’s a great way to reinforce the ideas I present to them.  I’m such a big fan of Profit Masters that I’ve started using it at client team meetings, using Brad’s “Excellent Employees” audio. It really reinforces some of the aspects that I’ve been working on with business owner and their teams. I also used the accompanying PDF document so they could all take notes- again great for reinforcing their learnings…..and mine!  Going forward I plan to also use Profit Masters as part of setting client “homework”. As a coach, Profit Masters is also a great tool to reinforce my own understanding of the many materials within the Action Coach system. Profit Masters reinforces and even adds to the work we do and can easily be accessed by clients at any time to suit them. I highly recommend it to all coaches and their clients.”
COACH Brian Doubleday – Horsham, UK

“ProfitMasters has been a great addition to my coaching and has really helped my clients get the results they are after.  ProfitMasters provides a great video library that I can send them to for in depth education on a particular subject and it really helps them create BFO’s & ideas to improve their business on their own.  There’s so much to put to use that I also have a couple of my clients use the Business Basics topics to train their team.  It provides an ‘in house’ business training program that exposes the team directly to Brad.”
COACH Reggie Shropshire – North Carolina, USA

Your 10 Profit Master user accounts can be used however you would like:

  • Include as a bonus to your 1-to-1 clients
  • Entice your prospects to sign-up for ProfitCLUB, ActionCLUB, etc. and get free access to Brad Sugars Profit Masters
  • Train your own team in the ActionCOACH system through Profit Masters
  • Keep your clients learning 24/7, 365 days a year by utilizing Profit Masters within your coaching as an added value to your clients…

Benefits to You as a Profit Masters Affiliate Coach:

  • A valuable product to offer to your clients for a fraction of the cost of what we sell it for online.
  • At any time get a quick refresher on all of Brad’s concepts and methodologies
  • Profit Masters can help your clients better understand concepts and how to put them into use, making them easier clients to work with

Benefits to Your Clients:

  • 24/7 Profit Masters Full Access just because they are working with you as their ActionCOACH
  • Ability for you to refer specific videos for them to watch, eBooks for them to read, tools, etc. within Profit Masters as part of your coaching
  • Access to Brad’s 11 Day Entrepreneurial Series that he sells at the end of each of his free monthly LIVEOnline webinars

Click Here to purchase your set of 10 user accounts.  You may purchase more than 10 user accounts, however they must be purchased in increments of 10.  After we confirm your payment, you’ll receive an email with instructions on providing us with the 10 email addresses for your user accounts.

Click here for FAQ doc which is also found within your Profit Masters Affiliate Center.

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